Política de privacidad website contains personal information about the users registered on the site. Among this information there are: email address, phone number, user name, photos, biography and some other information. All information is added by the user.

We make all the possible efforts and take precautions to make sure that users' personal information remains safe.

We do not publish user emails, unless he or she uses the function ‘Send profiles to my email’. In this case the profile will be sent on behalf of the user and the field ‘From’ specifies the user email. It is necessary for the user’s feedback with the casting director.

The phone number the user can be published or hidden. If the user specified in the profile settings not to publish his or her phone number, it will be displayed only to the users added in favorites.

User Profile can be hidden from public view by making the appropriate settings in the user profile.

User passwords are stored in encrypted form without the possibility to be recovered. In case a user forgets the password, the password recovery procedure requires the access to the email specified at the moment of registration. In this case the new password is randomly generated and sent to the user’s email. website doesn’t require any legal data, such as passport number, social insurance number, individual tax number etc. The site also doesn’t require and doesn’t store any user payment data (credit card numbers, electronic money accounts data etc.)

As our service is public and free, we bear no responsibility for the actions of third parties. Any photos or user data placed on other sites, including search engines, is an initiative of a third party, and this third party is solely responsible for it.

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